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Leak Detection

The most annoying plumbing problem in a house is water leaks. These problems will be a nuisance and can lead to anxiety over the extent of possible damage. You can either fix leaks yourself with minimal knowledge or hire a professional to do the job. It can sometimes be difficult to detect leaks in unusual places. You need to call a plumber if your water bills are becoming confusing.

Our state-of the-art leak detection system will quickly identify the cause of any leaks within your property or office and provide the best prices.

Highly trained technicians are able to find the toughest leaks in homes and businesses. We have discovered thousands of leaks over the years in many different locations, so you know we will find it.

We will use non-invasive methods to locate leaks, regardless of whether they are underground or above the ceiling.

We have maintained a strong reputation for providing exceptional leak detection services to all of our clients over the past 30 years. We have been recognized as an industry leader and received numerous awards for this. We strive to offer top-quality service for all aspects of leak detection. We offer cost-effective services, so no matter how complex your issue is, you will find a solution quickly.

We Are The Right Choice For Your Leak Detection Needs

  • Our service is responsive to all aspects of your leak problem
  • Our team will assist you with every stage of leak detection and guide you through each step.
  • Local service means we can arrive at your place promptly and provide prompt assistance
  • All your leak issues can be solved quickly and affordably by us
  • Before we depart, we will inspect your whole plumbing system to make sure there is no leaking.
  • Our equipment is cutting edge and helps us quickly detect any leakage. These devices are noninvasive and will not cause any damage or interruption to your business.

Rapid and Effective Leak Repair

Have you noticed that your monthly water bills have risen dramatically or water spots are appearing on the ceiling or floor? Do you worry that your property might be at risk from this leak, even though you don’t have the right information? We can quickly determine where the water is coming in to save you the trouble.

Our expertise and equipment will help us determine if there’s a leak inside your house or office premises. We also know where it is coming from and can provide expert repairs by a licensed, insured and highly skilled plumber.

At Newbrice Plumbing We will respond quickly to all calls 24/7/365 to minimize damage to your property.

What Are The Signs To Look For?

For reliable leak detection and repair, please call us if you spot any of these signs:

  • Water bills unexpectedly rise
  • You can hear running water but not see any leakage signs.
  • You can see visible water damage signs but cannot find any water source.
  • Ceilings and walls with wet spots

Leakages can lead to structural damage which can be dangerous for you and your family members. They increase the growth of mold, which can cause a variety of respiratory illnesses. Call us now for leak detection services. This is the best preventive step that can keep you and your family safe.

We Offer Super-Fast Leak Detection Services.

Our team will employ a mix of modern technology and electronic leak detectors. Our technicians are also trained on the latest trends so they can solve any problem quickly – and without having to use a sledgehammer. Contact us today!

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