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Pipe Lining

Do you have the resources and time to get your pipes rerouted from below, inside your ceiling or within the walls as a homeowner?

Old pipework was used to provide maximum durability in homes built many decades ago. They are not guaranteed to stay in good condition forever. We recognized this issue and began offering best-in-class pipe relining services. Our client base has increased tremendously over the years, thanks to our dedication and hard work.

We will not need to dig up the pipes or damage your lawn when you call us. At Newbrice Plumbing, we will use modern equipment to replace the pipes and be at your place in no time.

How Our Pipe Relining Works

Think of a pipe that’s been around for more than 50 years. This means it has been providing water for your home for at least five decades. Over time, the lime in the water gradually affects metal and causes deterioration.

We offer pipe relining services. This means that we place a new pipe within an old one. The pipe is not in direct contact with water or gas.

Our team has relined many pipes over the years. This simply proves that our experts are well-versed in the task. Our experts can complete the job in just a few hours. This will allow you to have safe and clean water within your area.

We believe that pipe relining can be the fastest and most efficient way to make an old pipe new. This will ensure you have a long life expectancy before it needs to be relined again.

Reliable Pipe Lining Services

Although we aren’t blowing our own trumpets, our pipe relining service is the best in Sydney. To complete the job quickly and efficiently, we don’t force an older pipe into a new one. No! No!

Some plumbers offer this service, but they will leave some areas that aren’t properly fitted so you can contact them to have a leak detected and repaired. We make sure that the pipe we install is properly connected to existing pipes. This will ensure you don’t have to worry about any leaks in the future.

You might find a problem in your system after our departure, as no one is perfect. Don’t worry. We will come to you and fix it without you having to pay a penny!

Do You Want To Have New Pipes Installed Instead?

We encourage clients to use our pipe relining service instead of installing new pipes for a variety of reasons.

Primarily, excavating is not necessary.

We will do minimal work, so you won’t have to spend as much on renovations. Our pipe relining services offer the greatest benefit: you’ll save substantial money while still getting full use of your gas or water system.

All these benefits are available to you if you give us a phone call.

Our Pipe Relining Products

We want our customers to be satisfied so we invested in high-quality pipe relining products. The following tests have been passed by our products.

  • The power of compression
  • Abrasion
  • Flexure
  • Focus on beam
  • Rate of flow

Even if you don’t ask, At Newbrice Plumbing, we will gladly show you the results of these tests.

Receive a Free Quote Now!

Don’t waste your time and money on replacing the whole plumbing system of your house. For unbeatable pipe-relining services, you can rely on us to deliver the best results without paying a high price. We will provide you with a quote at no cost, then wait for you to call. Once you have called, we’ll come out and replace your pipes. This ensures that they last for many decades. All our products come with a warranty and we offer a 5-year guarantee for our work.

Are you looking for the most reliable pipe relining service? Call us now to get the best pipe relining services!

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